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DrugMania is a Blog providing information on Drugs and Minerals . We are a for-profit company. The site is owned by Asbestosic Inc. Pvt Lmt, based in US and sponsored by The Government . We think we do good work. We like the fact that we're a business because we feel it gives us more opportunities to help people. Although we do understand the stigma that sometimes comes with a for-profit company, we are proud of the work we do and we trust the feedback of our users.

We take pride in administering the most recent news, treatment data and clinical trial information including asbestos ailments. We continually converse with specialists about therapeutic patterns identified with mesothelioma and asbestos-sickness exploration.
We think one part of DrugMania separates us: We esteem the encounters of somebody blessed to survive. These survivors share their experiences, and we pass these stories along. They reverberate past the mesothelioma group.

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We need to offer anybody some assistance with affecting by an Drug-related ailment. That incorporates somebody who gotten a type of Drug or Disease, lung growth or asbestosis. It likewise incorporates mates who need assistance understanding these illnesses or need help with discovering help for a friend or family member. Also, it incorporates relatives who need to offer their adored one discover some assistance with doctoring and treatment focuses that can draw out life. Far from the workplace, we raise money in numerous routes for different malignancy foundations.

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